Are you on the right path?

Do you feel engaged and motivated about what you do?

Hopefully you are and hopefully you do! Many of us spend most of our waking hours at our job. Consequently, our quality of life depends very much on our quality of work, and we should all allow ourselves to have a motivating job and an engaging work environment.

Nonetheless many of us realise that from time to time, an adjustment is needed. Sometimes it is clear what is called for. Other times we struggle to understand what would constitute the right move forward.

In the latter situation we might also be confronted with the complexity of the current job market with its huge number of opportunities and ever-changing job titles, job content and organisational structures. Navigating this is not an easy task.

Understanding how you can become the best version of yourself and what job and work environment this calls for are crucial factors for all of us. Through coaching we can help ourselves to become aware of the specific actions we can take to create the right meaningful frame and direction in our career.

The coaching process can reveal different themes to contemplate and confront:

  • Explore and rediscover your core values and how they impact your current and future job decisions
  • Establish a greater purpose and understand how this can serve as a guiding star
  • Challenge your assumptions about your professional self and discover if anything is holding you back
  • Design and execute specific actions that will move you towards a new, more meaningful direction

No two career transitions are the same, and what topics are relevant to you will depend on what will unlock your transition.