Are you just about to graduate? Or have you just started your first job after graduating?

If so, you might realise that you are in for a big change. Working as a young professional will likely be something quite different than studying at university. Navigating corporate environments requires that you activate a whole new set of skills. How you grow and develop your personal competencies and interpersonal skills will most likely become more important than how quickly you can create a PowerPoint or conduct a statistical analysis in Excel.

Leonhardt Coaching and Mentoring can support you both before you start your professional career and when you have just entered corporate life. Below are some examples (all can be offered for groups as well):

  • CV writing and job applications
  • Preparing for your job interview
  • How to work on your personal and career development
  • How to build your professional network and build your brand
  • Managing your manager and organisational stakeholders

Accelerate your transition by engaging in a customised personal coaching and mentoring process. The process will support you in building critical personal capabilities and help you create more clarity about the first very importantsteps of your professional life.

Contact Leonhardt Coaching & Mentoring for an offer which is tailored to your needs.