Have you reached your full potential as a leader?

For most of us being a successful leader requires a dedicated focus on how we develop ourselves. The ability to adapt, refine and at times totally relearn our entire approach to leadership are all significant components in effective and continuously relevant leadership. However – it is not necessarily an easy task.

Leonhardt Coaching and Mentoring can support several critical phases in your leadership development – from your transition into your first leadership role and further on as the complexity increases.

This can involve a wide range of tools and processes – ranging from one-to-one coaching of leaders to training of entire leadership teams. Examples of support topics for individual leaders include:

  • Individual leadership coaching – managing your transitions
  • How to develop and coach your team
  • How to drive performance, including how to manage difficult conversations

For leadership teams the following topics can be supported:

  • Driving a performance management culture across the organisation
  • Creating a talent management culture, including talent identification and talent development
  • General leadership development as a leadership team

There are many other themes which could be just the right focus you need to grow your leadership and we will carefully assess your requirements to make this a relevant and impactful process for you.

Please contact Leonhardt Coaching & Mentoring for further details.