My name is Mads Leonhardt Thomsen. I have worked within personal and organisational development for my entire career and I have always been guided by a strong passion for supporting the development and growth of individuals.

In the last 12 years I have worked for three large international companies (Maersk, Carlsberg and Nordea). From different HR and leadership roles I have gained extensive experience working with individuals in all phases of their career – from young professionals to executives. More recently I have worked for three years in Talent Management, including facilitation of trainings, individual coaching and process and concept development.

On top of my HR and leadership experience, I have a deep knowledge of organisational structures and organisational dynamics. This enables me to partner with you in how to design and embed relevant and business critical people processes within Learning, Talent and Leadership. 

My approach to coaching and mentoring is based on deep listening, respect and the creation of a safe-yet-challenging environment. Through these three aspects, we can explore together the topics which need to be addressed in order for you to achieve your goal. Fundamentally, I believe all of us have unlimited potential to go for what is right for us. However, I also believe that different obstacles might hold us back and we do not necessarily have the perspective to see this fully for ourselves. Through coaching the hidden becomes seen and this allows for sustainable and meaningful change.

I am a certified coach from the Animas Centre for Coaching in London and have worked with professionals and leaders at all levels in Europe, the US and in Asia. Besides this I am certified in Hogan Assessment tool, PI Assessment tool and SHL Assessment tool.

I have lived in Copenhagen since 2004 having moved here shortly after graduating. Perhaps surprisingly, the chosen specialisation of my studies was history, but despite this, my first real job took me into the corporate world. However, history is still one of my passions and I try to explore new corners of the world as often as I can. I have also recently taken up drawing again to nurture my creative self.

For further details on my background, please visit my LinkedIn profile.